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Our Creative Services

We champion the empowerment of individual creativity, which is why we offer education, coaching, and consulting services.. Yet, in a society where technological literacy isn't widespread and is frequently overlooked, only a minority, approximately 10% of individuals, assume the role of producers. The vast majority, comprising 90%, simply consume content without delving into the technical details. This striking statistic underscores the urgent need for creatives to step forward and lead the way. We are here, ready to take the helm with our video production services, and we are fully prepared to handle everything for you.

"Witness the IMPACT we've made through our creative services"

Kl!cc_Image 5.png

Sophia E-Bain, Actress | Aquaman, Godzilla vs. Kong: The New Empire, San Andreas

"Island Director is quick, efficient, passionate and dedicated to the craft! He has helped me film auditions and i wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone!"

Kl!cc_Image 2.png

Kadisha Willock, Owner of Branded by design 284

"I've worked with Island Director on a number of projects and he continues to be my go to for productions. I have a lot of crazy ideas and he continues to match my crazy!"


Mckenzie Baltimore Jr., Creative & Owner of Gogettas Nutrition & Fitness

"Island Director has taught me the true art of being a creative. His approach to his work is of high value and is of only excellence. He takes your vision and make them legendary!"


Ouida, Recording Artist

'It's always a pleasure working with Island Director. Not only is he talented, but he's respectful, humorous, easy to work with and he takes the views and opinions of his clients very seriously. He offers a finished product that rivals huge media houses and always leaves me in awe of his creative eye and keen talent. ID is the one to watch - great things are in store for this amazingly talented media genius."


Kenrick "KJ" Headley, Owner of Nova Vita Apparel & Prints

"Working with Island Director was nothing short of an amazing experience. I gave him my basic idea and he totally ran with it, exceeding my expectations. On top of that, his professionalism and efficient communication throughout the entire process was top tier. I 100% highly recommend Island Director for your media needs, trust me, you won’t be disappointed."


Hashim "ThaDream" Lewis, Recording Artist, On Air Personality and Host

"When I wish to add visuals to my music that match and rival the standards of region and international artists, my go-to filmmaker in the Virgin Islands is Island Director. From the unorthodox locations to unique storytelling and props, he and his team have always succeeded in bringing my visions to life."

Kl!cc_Image 1_Image 1.png

Kl!cc, Rapper, Song Writer

"A brother from another mother, it's like the world falls off it's axis when we link up, pure energy, quality and a vibe with the artistry of his visual productions!"

Ronn Grant_2.png

Ronn Grant, Creator and Host of The Art of a Distinguished Gentlemen

"In my opinion, he’s one of the region’s best and brightest. He has always exhibited attention to detail along with a keen understanding of the industry. He is a consummate professional who intricately and purposefully bring his clients dreams to fruition. As a creative, I consider him a treasure and gift to the art form."

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Ricki (Jubes) Richardson, Photogropher

"Island Director’s professionalism, creativity, ingenuity, dedication and overall passion for filmmaking made him one of the best I’ve ever worked with. He is one of the most organized people I know and has an excellent work ethic. His knowledge base and expertise is second to none and he is always willing to share and teach others."


Deon "Deefire", Singer, Song Writer

"He has a remarkable ability to coordinate, energize and direct people who've never been involved in cinematography before. He captures rather dull scenery and create interesting visuals. He's a storyteller with his camera"

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