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Island Director

Who is he?

iD, short for Island Director, is the alias of a music video director and filmmaker based on the alluring island of Tortola in the radiant British Virgin Islands but he's available for hire worldwide. What makes him deserving of such recognition? With a generation dedicated to perfecting his skills in filmmaking and more than three + years immersed in the dynamic world of professional broadcasting, his journey has been a whirlwind of creativity failures and success. Throughout this time, he has written, filmed, directed, and edited a myriad of captivating music videos, as well as a diverse array of engaging commercial and corporate productions. Additionally, he has orchestrated the transformation of a vacant basement, armed only with a bare-bones concept, into the flourishing broadcasting powerhouse recognized as 284 Media, a subsidiary of CCT BVI.

Extending his expertise onto the international stage, he briefly contributed to the renowned 'Below Deck' reality series during its stint in the British Virgin Islands. Following this stint, he immersed himself in a diverse range of filmmaking projects for international clients within the BVI. Recently, his attention has revolved around developing and nurturing his very own IP, Motivated by the aspiration to share what he has learned, so others can thrive in turn. Despite the challenges that may come with a smaller local industry that has fewer opportunities for exposure, he still manage to emerge as the resilient rose from concrete, a testament to his undeniable talent! Putting aside these minor particulars, at his essence, he is a passionate music video director and filmmaker with an unyielding commitment to educate, cultivate, and perpetuate the arts within the realms of filmmaking, not only in the BVI but also reaching far beyond its borders and he would love to work with you!



His Journey in 1 TAKE!

His pursuit of the filmmaking craft was an arduous journey, scarce in formal courses and guarded by industry veterans. He scoured bookstores, collected knowledge from Barnes & Noble, then discovered a treasure trove on Amazon. Venturing into YouTube University and later embracing online courses, he found valuable yet unstructured knowledge at the cost of time and effort. However, these resources lacked organization, leaving him craving more insights.

Despite his expertise in filmmaking, he remained stuck in a 9-to-5 paralegal job until a sudden opportunity emerged.


Entrusted with building a top broadcast studio and channel, his success soared in a short span but ended with an abrupt dismissal, igniting his desire for entrepreneurial control. Guided by faith, he transitioned to entrepreneurship, immersing himself in entrepreneurial content until finding inspiration in "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki. Empowered by newfound wisdom, he set out to create a framework designed to elevate and frast-track the indie filmmaker journey. This framework aimed to be a lifeline for indie filmmakers navigating the industry's turbulent seas. However, his dedication to developing this platform took a toll on his health and finances, leading to a pause for self-care and client work to manage life's ebbs and flows. Despite these challenges, he persisted, guided by faith through months and years, leading to this moment today.

Island Director
How it started


Island Director

Deon - deefire

Singer, Song Writer

"He has a remarkable ability to coordinate, energize and direct people who've never been involved in cinematography before. He captures rather dull scenery and create interesting visuals. He's a storyteller with his camera"

"Building Trust One FRAME at a Time"