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Video Protégé is a month long program that is an integral part of our Video Production Coaching Initiative. It is specifically designed to provide aspiring video creators and filmmakers with a comprehensive set of benefits and opportunities. They start with personalized attention and guidance to help you develop your visual skills, expand your knowledge, and achieve your video production goals. In addition, you will also gain lifetime access to our comprehensive Video Production Master Class. Through personalized attention, direct access to industry professionals, and valuable resources, we are committed to nurturing your talent, fostering growth, and helping you succeed in the dynamic world of video production.

$1499.00 USD



Introductory Call: The program commences with a personalized one-hour introductory phone call. Throughout this conversation, our aim will be to connect with you on an individual level, delving into your video production aspirations, dreams, and objectives. This call also provides a platform to assess your mindset, as we strongly emphasize the significance of cultivating a constructive and forward-looking outlook for achieving enduring success. At the end of this call you will receive your first weekly video production assignment which is to be completed and submitted at the end of every week followed by a new assignment dispatched at the top of every week.


Weekly Protégé Chats: You'll have the exclusive chance to participate in weekly discussions led by your coach. These dynamic chats encompass a diverse array of video production subjects, spanning recaps, the latest developments, and pertinent business affairs. This is an invaluable occasion to glean wisdom, pose inquiries, and absorb knowledge from a seasoned professional. Also in these chats we will be evaluating and discussing your weekly video production assignments.


DEFCON 1 Call & Messaging Privileges: Recognizing the significance of accessible guidance and assistance during critical moments, we ensure you're supported when it matters most. As a Video Protégé, you'll enjoy direct connectivity to your coach’s personal phone. This signifies that whether you're on set seeking advice, encountering video production hurdles, or navigating challenges, you have the option to reach out for instant, on-the-spot assistance.


Lifetime Access to our Video Creation Master Class: Definitely one of the more significant benefits of the Video Protégé program. With lifetime access, you can learn at your own pace, revisit lessons whenever you need a refresher, and stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in the world of video production. This immersive and comprehensive course is designed to unlock your creative potential. Your journey towards becoming a proficient and accomplished video creator or filmmaker starts here, and the possibilities are limitless.


Invaluable Constructive Critique: Recognizing the pivotal role of feedback in nurturing your evolution as a video creator or filmmaker, we prioritize this aspect throughout your journey. Your projects in the developmental phase will be subject to thoughtful evaluation, providing you with insights across pivotal domains including video production techniques, strategic business approaches, technical prowess, leadership acumen, and entrepreneurial acuity. This serves as a precious avenue to hone your artistry and achieve substantial advancement.


Concluding Reflection and Farewell Discussion: As your program draws to a close, a meaningful hour-long wrap-up send-off call awaits you. This conversation stands as a moment of introspection upon your expedition, affording us the chance to gauge the realization of your objectives and deliberate your forthcoming endeavors. It's a juncture to applaud your achievements and deliberate whether the time is ripe for embarking on fresh horizons.

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